Our Commercial Real Estate Financing Programs

Desert Sage Capital offers a wide variety of commercial real estate financing options. Whether you’re looking for a new location or an investment property, we can help you acquire the real estate your business needs to grow.

Traditional Loans

Our basic real estate loan program is designed for investment and owner-occupied properties. Rates may be as low as 3.75%, with amounts that range from $200,000 up to $100 million.

Mezzanine, Equity, and CMBS

We also offer equity and mezzanine financing, in addition to Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (or CMBS) loans. Our professional team of financial advisors will work with you to determine what solution is best for your business.


If you’re going to be building on your new property, we offer a special program for new construction. This will allow you to develop the real estate as you see fit. Our options range from $10 to $100 million.

Bridge and Hard Money

Another option is our bridge and hard money loans, which are among our specialties. Through our strategic partnerships with top quality private investment firms, we can offer you loans of anywhere between $1 and $100 million.

Government Options

Many different loans are available through the US Federal Government, with programs offered by both the Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. We are experts in government loans and may be able to help you obtain amounts between $2 and $50 million.

International Financing

Finally, we have a range of programs available to those who wish to pursue real estate opportunities in foreign countries. Our international financing options range from between $50 million and $1 billion, depending on property type and location. We operate in countries around the world, although we are most active within Europe and Asia.

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If you want to know more about any of our commercial real estate loans, our team members are ready to answer your questions. Contact Desert Sage Capital today to get started with real estate financing.