Your Equipment Financing Options

If your company needs specialized equipment to operate or expand, we’ll be happy to help you obtain it. Here at Desert Sage Capital we offer a number of different programs that make equipment financing or equipment leasing possible.

Basic Leases

Our commercial equipment leasing program can handle a wide variety of amounts, with tickets up to $150,000 or over $500,000. A number of payment structures are possible, and little to no down payment is required; applications may be approved in as little at 24 hours. Businesses that have been in operation for over two years can take advantage of this program to fund medical and dental equipment, manufacturing machinery, printing equipment, vehicles, construction equipment, and food service appliances. Other equipment types may also be an option.

Selling and Leasing Back

If you’d rather not use a traditional loan structure, our sale and lease back program can be used to generate working capital. Under this program, you sell your equipment to us, and we’ll lease it back so that you can continue to use it. Once all the payments have been made ownership will revert back to your company.

Low Credit

Has your business struggled financially over the past few years? We have a specialized program that allows us to handle B, C, and even D credits. We’re happy to fund you even if your income has stagnated or your personal credit has been damaged.

Government Programs

We also offer a specialized program for government agencies. Contact us to learn more about our options for:

  • Federal entities
  • City governments
  • School districts
  • Fire and police departments
  • State and county governments
  • Libraries
  • Armed services

We can assist with the equipment needs of government organizations of all sizes.

Start Here

Our team of financial professionals has the experience needed to help you find the perfect solution to your equipment needs. We’ll be happy to discuss our programs and your options—contact one of our team members today to learn more about financing or leasing.