Capital Sources Clinicians Can Count On

No matter if your patients are physically fit, high-performance athletes or four-legged furry friends, the costs of working in healthcare are often the same. Not only do you have to worry about the physical well-being of your patients, but you’ve also got to ensure that you’re in the best position to meet their needs. Whether that’s by having the funds needed to buy into a larger practice or expanding an existing clinic, the financial burden can be quite heavy. We here at Desert Sage Capital would like to help you to relieve it.

Our Healthcare and Medical Financing Programs

Through our Healthcare and Medical Financing programs, you can secure anywhere between $75,000 to $250,000 to help meet the financial demands that may come with your career, including:

  • Establishing a clinic in a new area.
  • Purchasing the most advanced medical equipment.
  • Consolidating your debt.
  • Pursuing continuing education opportunities for both yourself and your staff.

None of the loans offered through this program are reported to credit bureaus, and each can be set up on flexible 5- to 6-year terms.

No matter what size or scope of healthcare financing package you stand in need of, we a Desert Sage Capital are ready to accommodate you. We admire and respect the service that you provide to your patient population, which is why we would like to help you secure the working capital needed to make your practice all the more ready to provide superior care. To learn more about the tools that make up our Healthcare and Medical Financing programs, call us today.