Financial Solutions Specifically Designed for Supply Chain Providers

Congratulations! You’ve just landed the largest purchase order in your company’s brief history. However, as you sit down to crunch your numbers, you’re now seeing that meeting orders of this size will require you to divert a significant portion of your resources to procurement and/or production. How are you to continue to grow your business being stuck in such a cycle? By turning to us here at Desert Sage Capital.

Meet Client Demand While Also Growing Your Business

We help provide financial solutions to those companies operating in the supply chain through our Purchase Order Financing program. Through funding options such as production financing on in-progress orders to Letters of Credit for import, export and domestic trade purchases, we can help ensure that you’ll always have the capital needed to meet your optimal production and/or supply capacity. Not only that, but this program can also assist you in growing your business in ways such as:

  • Increasing your capital without tying up your traditional lending channels.
  • Freeing up funds to go after new clients.
  • Building up brand loyalty by having the resources to ensure all of your orders are filled on time.

Through the assistance that we at Desert Sage Capital are happy to provide, you’ll never have to worry about balancing the growth of your company with satisfying your clients’ demands ever again. Purchase order financing is just another of the many ways that we help companies overcome the financial challenges inherent with their industries. To learn more about this program as well as the others that make up our service portfolio, contact us today.