Your Link to the SBA’s Loan Programs

For over 60 years, the federal Small Business Administration has been helping to put startup companies such as yours on the path to success. You’ve likely heard the statistics that less than 20 percent of small businesses fail. That number may have less to do with poor choices made by entrepreneurs than it does them simply not knowing that there are resources such as the SBA out there to help them. Fortunately, you have us here at Desert Sage Capital on your side to assist you in taking advantage of all of the financial tools at your disposal.

Superb Financial Assistance for Small Business

The small business loan program offered through the SBA can get up to $5 million to get your company off of the ground and help sustain it during its earliest stages of growth. Our team has experience in working with all sorts of small businesses, including:

  • Hospitality providers
  • Automotive service companies
  • Tech startups
  • Child care centers

SBA 7(a) and 504 loans are available at market-competitive rates on schedules of between 15-25 years. There are no prepayment penalties, so you don’t end up being penalized if your business is successful enough to allow you to pay off your loan balance early.

Why Get Your SBA Loan through Us?

We at Desert Sage Capital offer access to one of the largest lending networks in the commercial finance industry. Included in that group are lenders to whom authority has been given to approve SBA loans in the place of the federal government. Thus, when you choose to get your loan through us, we can turn your application faster than any other commercial finance firm out there.
Don’t allow your company to become just another statistic amongst all of the other failed small businesses out there, not when you have us a Desert Sage Capital here to help place you on firm financial footing. Securing startup capital through an SBA loan is a lot simpler than you may think. Let us show you how by calling to get your loan application started today.