Let Us Help You into Your Next Commercial Property

Like all business owners or executives, you look forward to those opportunities to grow your business through a new commercial real estate transaction. Such an event shows how healthy your business truly is. Yet growing your company by acquiring a new location doesn’t come without its challenges, chief among those being the potential financial obstacles that you may encounter. When it comes to securing commercial real estate financing, there are any number of problems that may arise. That is, if you choose to work with someone other than us here at Desert Sage Capital.

How Stated Income Loans Work

We’ve made our name helping businesses like yours secure funding through unique tools such as our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing program. Unlike traditional loans, which base your borrowing ability off of yours or your company’s credit profile, stated income loans offer more flexibility. Here’s how securing such a loan through us works:

  • You identify a property you’d like to purchase.
  • You present the information regarding the property to us.
  • We determine if the income-generating potential of the property is sufficient to cover the cost of the mortgage (i.e., monthly payments, fees, taxes).
  • You get your purchasing funds in as fast as 2-3 weeks.

With a stated income commercial real estate loan, you’re no longer left waiting for a traditional lender to make its way through the seemingly miles and miles of red tape that come with approving a conventional loan. Rather, you can easily get up to $5 million to go towards your purchase in a mere matter of weeks. This loan processing speed is the reason why even companies with strong credit histories look to stated income loans when in the market for new locations.

With the many years of collective experience in helping companies such as yours obtain outstanding commercial real estate financing packages, our team here at Desert Sage Capital can help ensure that your purchase goes off without a hitch. Let us be your partners in helping your business take that next step in its natural progression. To get your loan application started, just give us a call today.