Our Outstanding Referral and Broker Program

The work of a commercial finance broker is already challenging enough without having to worry about wondering where you’re going to get the financing needed in order to fund your clients’ deals. Even if you do have a reliable source of funding at your disposal, there may be added stress from knowing that your company’s compensation structure is never a just representation of all of the hard work that you do. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate these concerns so that you could simply focus on serving your clients? We at Desert Sage Capital can allow you to do just that.

We Only Work with the Best

We feature a Referral and Broker program, through which we’re able to ensure that we’re only associated with the best and brightest brokers in the business. We understand that working with the best comes at a cost, which is why we offer some of the best referral rates in the industry to independent brokers. Not only will you reap the financial rewards when you refer your clients to us, but you also have our promise of unwavering loyalty. Exactly how far does that go? If any of your clients returns to us in the future for financing, we’ll refer them back to you to help structure their deals.

If you’re looking to associate yourself professionally with a new financial firm, we’d love to have you come and join our team. We’re able to offer brokers an outstanding compensation structure, complete with:

  • Excellent commissions designed to reward you and not simply your superiors.
  • The chance to network and collaborate with financial brokers across the country.
  • Access to one of the largest networks of public and private lenders in the commercial finance industry.

You won’t find many other commercial finance firms out there that make it a point to place an emphasis on building up the careers of their brokers. Why? Perhaps it’s because they are so focused on establishing their brands that they simply can’t devote sufficient resources to doing so. Fortunately, we here at Desert Sage Capital already own one of the most trusted names in the industry, which is a direct reflection of the outstanding brokers we have supporting us. To inquire about joining that team, contact us today.