Why You Need to Prioritize Creativity at Work

One skill has the potential to increase your company’s revenue and market share. It’s a skill that 58% of executives set as a goal, for themselves and their employees. However, it’s a skill that 61% of executives say their companies lack. This skill is creativity.

In the highly competitive global environment in which most companies operate, maximizing creative energy is crucial. Innovation is thought to create market leaders and is often considered synonymous with creativity, yet it is not. One must be creative to have innovation. Yet, to be innovative, you need to combine creative skills with the other important competencies of your industry.

Creativity can give businesses a competitive edge. It fuels big ideas but also challenges an employee’s way of thinking. Creative individuals are more comfortable with ambiguity. With the pace at which the world moves, ambiguity is becoming more common in all aspects of a business. Fostering creativity in your employees will help them navigate challenges and can even open the door to new business opportunities.

Prioritizing creativity can create happier employees. Tapping into creative skills can be very taxing on employees. Businesses that value creative employees have more flexible work hours and time-off policies. This gives employees the opportunity to recharge when they need to, preventing burn-out. These employees can then produce their most creative work, resulting in unique product features, business models, and sources of revenue for the business.

Fostering creative skill development in your company doesn’t have to be challenging. There are several small steps all leaders can take to promote creative activity. Rewarding creativity with contests and awards shows employees that it’s a highly valued skill. Celebrating failure is another way to encourage teams to be more creative. Not every idea will be successful, but teams that aren’t afraid of failure are more likely to try a wide range of ideas.

Another great way to promote a more creative environment at work is to support diversity in your teams. Bringing in more perspectives and backgrounds can dramatically increase not only the productivity of teams but also their creativity. Periodically mixing up work teams and environments can help support the development of your company’s creative environment.

Being able to stay ahead of the competition is critical to business success. In our fast-paced, global world, creativity helps overcome the challenges organizations face. Your company should find ways to prioritize the development of this critical skill in your employees and your leaders.

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